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Architect based in Ancona, Italy, design for him is a passion born accidentally, that reveals to be a lifestyle. Giacomucci uses his assimilated knowledge during the years of his period of education to learn to manage the spaces, techniques and materials. “Design artisan” he thinks that it’s fundamental to know the matter to shape by checking the transformation step by step and by defining an unique relationship with the object. Giacomucci is a brilliant, ironic design but his approach is concrete because he isn’t a simple visionary with impossible ideas. He believes in local talents and in young promising people, many of which attended his courses at the Architecture college of Ascoli Piceno. He is art director of many companies of which he loves to give value their philosophy. He applies strategic and communicative skills to promote the capillary and “democratic” distribution of the projects.

The capsule collection no.1/2018 for House of Birds: HILL HOUSE

The first creative mind who took part to the project was Roberto Giacomucci, that was fascinated from thermo-engraving technology, decided to use it to create 3D decorations.
Geometric and floral patterns are the leit motiv of Hill House, a collection that combines minimal design, typical of Scandinavian style, together with decorative elements inspired by the classical art drawings.
Hill House is,  in fact, a  tribute  to  the gothic cathedrals’ decorated  glass  windows  and  to the extraordinary tricks of the light that come to life.
The collection features different design furnitures; from the living room table to the desk table for the office room, passing through coffee tables to the screens: versatile elements that are suitable for the residential spaces but also for retail and contract areas.
The smoky colours palette used for the acrylic parts is various: from moss green and blue-green to ecru and pastel pink. The ash wood is available in its natural essence and black finishing.

materials & technologies

In the wide range of technologies and materials that House of Birds offers to designers, Roberto Giacomucci decided to use laser decoration technology to give precious value to acrylic glass surfaces and ash wood for furnitures’ structure





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