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In other words The nest of House of Birds

Marble working and carving techniques are a passion passed down from father to son. The reader might think this is the story of a family run company – probably like many others – skillfully guided by the second-generation and where the values linked to heritage and innovation intertwine.


Instead, using a metaphor like House of Birds workshop, Raffaele Bastianoni “took flight” from his safe nest where he was sheltered by the family business to move towards skies and horizons more open to experimentation and exploration.


Fueling this “swerve” was a desire to make his dream a reality: that of creating a wonderful workshop full of technologies and people, happy to build unique items for many companies in order to stand out.

“If you can dream it you can do it!” said Walt Disney

An expression that fully represents how Action Giromari operates

So it was that ten years ago Action Giromari was established, a company with custom made approach that offers ad hoc works for the nautical field. From the beginning, the idea wasn’t simply to open a company that would be limited to outsourced production of semi-finished and finished products. Rather, the main objective of the entrepreneurial activity that Raffaele launched, and it is still, that of preserving and enhancing the personal aesthetic vocabulary of creative minds and companies, giving them a chance to transform their projects into real objects.


With an outlook to make any project free from operational restraints, over the years the company has laid the foundations for offering various solutions, embarking on a parallel path of the introduction of new machines and specialized human resources. In fact, what has always distinguished our creative workshop is the synergy between artistic-handicraft and technical-mechanical skills.


A curiosity for everything that is linked to innovation and business, enthusiasm, pragmatism combined with imagination and foresight: these elements are the evolution engine of Action Giromari, that today has a vast range of technologies and know-how for working the most disparate natural and plastic materials.



We are digital artisans that in front of an idea someone submits us, we don't immediately say "it can't be done", but rather "yes, we can do it!" taking it as a design challenge

House of Birds is the metaphor that sums up this vision.


Like a bird that flies and overcomes all resistances but needs a sheltered nest, who enters in Action Giromari is entirely free to express his imagination without any restraints, counting on a place that protects and develops his ideas.



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